We are so glad you're here! We are Montana based best friends who happen to be the faces behind the lens at Frazier & Co. Photography. However, this is more than just a business to us. It's about people. It's about their stories. It's about love. It's about the knitting together of their beauty. It's about serving others in a way that truly reflects Jesus, our Savior. It's about letting a God given gift flourish in a way that gives Him the most glory and of course creating like our Creator! The best thing of it all is we LOVE what we do! We are definitely lovers of raw emotion and candid interaction that leaves you reliving the moment when you look at a photograph! We want you to leave with an experience to remember and timeless memories that you're crazy about! No matter what we are capturing let's make it fun, let's make it about YOU! Everyone has a story worth being told! 

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Savanna and Pj are incredible. They came out to Colorado to photograph our wedding in the mountains and I couldn’t have asked for better! They went above and beyond to capture the most beautiful photos! It's evident they pour their heart into all THAT THEY do. WE HAD PHOTOGRAPHERS THAT ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT us as a couple! Their presence meant the world to us on our wedding, simply because they are so kind, LOVING and relational. Not to mention their work  is absolutely STUNNING! You definitely won’t go wrong with choosing them for your photographER! 

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-Natalie Axelson

Passion... we are passionate about photography, about people and capturing images that make them feel special, loved, beautiful and valued. 

Love... sees through the eyes of Truth! We love capturing peoples' true beauty and in return delivering quality images that show you just that!  It seems as if everyone is their own worst critic and we diligently pray that when you gaze upon your photos you see who you truly are! You are BEAUTIFUL! 

Jesus...we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for Jesus! To us, nothing is worth accomplishing or having if Jesus didn't lead us to it. We know we are called to the industry and He has given us the gifting to do what we love to do! All glory to Him! 

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