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We are so glad you're here! We are Montana based best friends who happen to be the  faces behind the lens at Frazier & Co. Photography. However, this is more than just a business to us. It's about people. It's about their stories. It's about love. It's about the knitting together of their beauty. It's about serving others in a way that truly reflects Jesus, our Savior. It's about letting a God given gift flourish in a way that gives Him the most glory and of course creating like our Creator! The best thing of it all is we LOVE what we do!  We are definitely lovers of raw emotion and candid interaction that leaves you reliving the moment when you look at a photograph! We want you to leave with an experience to remember and timeless memories that you're crazy about! No matter what we are capturing let's make it fun, let's make it about YOU! Everyone has a story worth being told, including YOU! 

We're Savanna & Pj



-Kati Cunningham

Savanna made us feel so comfortable and truly captured who we are!

Expect to have FUN! 
Expect to LAUGH!
Expect to SMILE!

You can come to your session knowing that we will give you silly, fun, creative prompts that make you smile. This brings out real, authentic moments that truly reflect your personality. The same prompt will look different for everyone, which makes every shutter click unique to you! Being adventurous is our favorite and with that you may find yourself rolling around in the grass, maybe even snow, spinning in circles, taking wild piggy-back rides and really we will give you countless opportunities to just have fun. SO EMBRACE IT! At the end of it all, we want to give you a whole new outlook on taking photos and leave you with an experience that makes all your warm and fuzzy feelings come alive! When you look back at your photos we want the emotion to overwhelm you in ways that you feel like you're reliving the moment all over again! Of course we will give you our professional input on wardrobe advice prior to the shoot. You can expect questions, because we want to get to know you and your story too. There is truly something so sweet about intentionality and the human connection. We cannot wait to meet you!


what to

-Job 12:10


Lexi & Skylar




Where you go we'll go,
where you stay we'll stay.

Yes We Travel, Making The Experience Endless...

- Ruth 1:16